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As the designated steward of the Landmark District and an advocate for historic preservation, Hudson River Heritage strives to offer the community educational programs, symposia and events relevant to our mission. To accomplish this, we rely on attendance at our events and on donations that help us continue our work.  We are indebted to our members, our donors, our sponsors, and our friends who participate in our programs.

We embrace the region as a whole. Our concerns not only include the architecture and its surroundings, but also the man-made landscape of roads and bridges, which allow access to the area. We work hard to prevent the suburban sprawl that has engulfed many of New York’s villages and towns by attendance at planning and zoning board meetings and by reaching out to leaders in local governments.

Your support today will help us fulfill our critical mission to preserve our heritage both for you and for generations to follow.  By specifying a donation amount and going to your shopping cart, you will be able to pay online via credit card.  Alternatively, you can print out the form below and mail it along with your check or money order to Hudson River Heritage, P.O. Box 287, Rhinebeck, NY 12572.

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