What We Do

Historic Preservation Leadership

Hudson River Heritage (HRH) is the federally designated steward of the Hudson River National Historic Landmark District. Its involvement in the community rests on this role of and its mission of historic preservation leadership.

Local Planning
HRH provides documentation for municipal planning and zoning offices when there is a need to ascertain if a property is within the District. Also, as an interested party status would indicate, consideration of the review and monitoring of development proposals before town planning boards and other agencies is deemed an important responsibility.

HRH encourages young people’s stewardship by sponsoring a Sense of Place writing competition at District High Schools.
Workshops on preservation issues are provided for historic property owners.

Technology development
To aid municipal planning boards with their decision making HRH is currently completing comprehensive Geographic System mapping of historic properties and the boundaries of the district. After completion the resultant maps will be adapted for tourism.

A community’s pride in its great estates is a powerful tool for their preservation. To foster this HRH has partnered with the Great Estates Consortium as well as individual, privately owned estates.